A Little About Me

Lisa R. Reisman Self Portrait

There is always something new around the corner in the world of Lisa R. Photographs.

Lisa is currently pursuing location scouting and coordinating, keeping her roots firmly based in project managing and photography. This collection represents a career in fine art, commercial and event photography, plus graphic design and more demonstrating her ability to move with the flow of the environment. She has run her own freelance graphics and web business, photography studio, worked in creative atmospheres like SFX Concerts, 99X Radio and Mad Dog Mail. With her sights set on blasting into the burgeoning Atlanta film industry, Lisa is focusing on using her management skills to stick a post in the ground and to be a strong, productive and innovative team player and leader.

Being early on in her endeavors, Lisa is moving though the ranks of locations from locations assistant, coordinator ad manager on smaller independents. She also volunteers with Atlanta Film Festival and many short film productions making connections and gaining experience from every suitable opportunity available.

Follow Lisa's photography journey on Facebook or to ask about photography, email to ask your questions. Photography work is priced by the job. Please include a few details to help provide a full picture (sorry about the pun) of what your needs are.

For inquiries about film projects, email here.

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